Apostrophe(') - Excentrifugal Forz


Excentrifugal Forz

22 březen 1974, 1:32 min.

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Jim Gordon (bicí)
John Guerin (bicí)
Aynsley Dunbar (bicí)
Ralph Humphrey (bicí)
Jack Bruce (basa)
Erroneous (basa)
Tom Fowler (basa)
Frank Zappa (basa, sólové vokály, kytara)
George Duke (klávesy, doprovodný zpěv)
Don "Sugar Cane" Harris (housle)
Jean-Luc Ponty (housle)
Ruth Underwood (perkuse)
Ian Underwood (saxofón)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (saxofón, doprovodný zpěv)
Sal Marquez (trumpeta)
Bruce Fowler (trombón)
Ray Collins (doprovodný zpěv)
Kerry McNabb (doprovodný zpěv)
Susie Glower (doprovodný zpěv)
Debbie (doprovodný zpěv)
Lynn (doprovodný zpěv)
Ruben Ladron De Guevara (doprovodný zpěv)
Robert Camarena (doprovodný zpěv)

The clouds are really cheap
The way I seen 'em through the forts
Of which there is a half-a-dozen
On the face of my resorts
You wouldn't think I'd have too many
Since I never cared for sports
But I'm never really lonely
In my Excentrifugul Forz

There's always corla plankun
Kim and me can play the blues
And then I'll watch him buff that
Tiny ruby that he use
He'll straighten up his turban
And inject a little ooze
Along a one-celled Hammond varhanyism
Underneath my shoes

And then I'll call pup tentacle
I'll ask him how's his chin
I'll find out how the future is
Because that's where he's been
His little feet got long and flexible
And suckers fell right in
The time he crossed the line
From later on, the way back when

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Assembled By 'Mom Mills Meat'